Joyrambati Ramkrishna-Sarada Primary Teachers Training Institute


Joyrambati Ramkrishna-Sarada Primary Teachers Training Institute

Joyrambati Ramkrishna Sarada Mission Trust has various activities.

Among all, the educational activities are very successful as well as well-known establishment for the society.

The trust has started Sri Ma Sisunicatan Primary O Junior High School from 1998,

Joyrambati Ramkrishna-Sarada Primary Teachers Training Institute from 2004


Joyrambati Ramkrishna-Sarada B.Ed. College from 2018.

Curriculum Transaction


Details of full time teaching staff/non-teaching staff, as per norms, if already appointed/selected/identified (A separate statement giving name, date of birth, educational and professional qualifications with year of passing and date of joining to be enclosed) 

 Separate Sheet attached (Enclosed)


Please indicate the steps that are being taken for recruiting teaching staff and non-teaching staff for the course (Give the procedure of recruitment and composition of selection committee) : 


 Not applicable

Names of primary schools/lower primary schools/elementary schools/secondary schools/senior schools identified for practice teaching/internship and their distance from the institution. 

 List of Primary Schools attached (enclosed)


About Us

Swami Shibarupa Nanda God Father ; Swami Bireswara Nanda Maharaj on behalf of Joyrambati Ramkrishna Sarada Mission.

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General Particulars

Postal address: P.O. JOYRAMBATI, DISTRICT-BANKURA, WEST BENGAL,  PIN CODE – 722161. Phone No.: 03244-244217. Nearest town: Arambagh.

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