Joyrambati Ramkrishna-Sarada Primary Teachers Training Institute


Joyrambati Ramkrishna-Sarada Primary Teachers Training Institute

Joyrambati Ramkrishna Sarada Mission Trust has various activities.

Among all, the educational activities are very successful as well as well-known establishment for the society.

The trust has started Sri Ma Sisunicatan Primary O Junior High School from 1998,

Joyrambati Ramkrishna-Sarada Primary Teachers Training Institute from 2004


Joyrambati Ramkrishna-Sarada B.Ed. College from 2018.

Infrastructural facilities:

 Please indicate if land is available in the name of the institution, either on ownership or on long term lease basis : 

Land given to the institution on long term lease basis (99 years) by executing a registered Lease Deed. Copy enclosed.

If the course is proposed to be started in a building already constructed, following details/documents may be furnished :


(a)    Approved building plan with the details of area floor/room-wise :

Approved Plan attached. (Enclosed)

(b) Total plinth area :

7778 square feet more or less.

(c) Completion Certificate from the the local authority :

Copy of completion Certificate in hand

If a building is yet to be constructed, the following details/ documents should be furnished :

(a)    site plan

(b)   approved building plan with details of area floor/room-wise

(c)    date of commencement of construction

                  likely date of completion of construction

Not applicable.

Pending Construction of own building, details of building(s) identified for Starting the course :

Not applicable.

If more than one building has been identified, distance from one building to the other be given.

(i)                 150 ft. from main building ;

(ii)               200 ft. from main building ;

(iii)             400 ft. from main building.

Usable area of the building(s) in sq. ft. :

11,443 square feet more or less.

Are water, electricity and toilet facilities available ?   


Location of the building – whether residential or non-residential?


Following specific details of accommodation may be furnished :

 (All size are in sq.m)

Class Rooms:

Room No 1 : 57.14, Room No 2 : 57.96, Room No 3 : 57.14, Room No 4 : 53.85, Room No 5 : 57.96, Room No 6 : 53.85 

Multipurpose Hall : 190.45
ICT Resource Centre : 47.39
Art & Craft Resource Centre : 37.48
Health and Physical Education Resource Centre: 37.48
Library Cum Reading Room : 133.37
Curriculum Laboratory : 394.05
Teaching Learning Resource Centre for Arts & Work Experience : 47.38
Principal's Office : 23.84
Staff Room : 68.07
Girl's Common Room : 49.79
Canteen : 97.98
Parking Space : 37.48
Store Room 2 : 17.99
Administrative Office : 57.38
Seminar Room : 117.19
Separate Toilet Facility for Boys and Girls : 149.22
Store Room 1 : 27.73
Multi Purpose Play Field : 2258
Other Remaining Built Up Area viz. gallery, staircase, ramp etc. : 838.09
Total Built-Up Area on the basis of above details : 1852.17

 Give details of space available for outdoors (Play ground, etc.)/indoor games :

Play ground for outdoor games – 3 acres Play ground for indoor games – 8400 square feet more or less 

Common Room :

Individual common room for girls and boys.

About Us

Swami Shibarupa Nanda God Father ; Swami Bireswara Nanda Maharaj on behalf of Joyrambati Ramkrishna Sarada Mission.

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General Particulars

Postal address: P.O. JOYRAMBATI, DISTRICT-BANKURA, WEST BENGAL,  PIN CODE – 722161. Phone No.: 03244-244217. Nearest town: Arambagh.

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